Trailer Loading - Day 0

So I have decided my priority for the next month is trailer loading. Ansel loads adequately if there is already another horse in the trailer, but getting him in on his own can be a long process and often needs a second person - someone to close the door because, although he'll follow me in, he doesn't stay in the trailer on his own.

I have done some thinking and decided I want to use targeting. (I admit this is partially because one of our training holes is not having a very good 'go forward' cue.) I have inconsistency on two axes: getting all the way on and staying there. So I am trying to decide which criterion to raise first - position or duration? or should I stair-step them? (1 foot on for 1,2,3,4,5.. seconds, then 2 feet for… seconds).

Published July 23, 2007